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Mobile Car Battery Replacement Cannon Hill

Car Battery Cannon Hill | Mechanic Mobile Cannon Hill offer hassle free mobile car battery replacement in Cannon Hill. Flat or damaged batteries are one of the main causes for roadside assistance and the majority of people will require a mobile service to replace the battery to get them up and going. Our mechanics can inspect your battery and perform a battery test to inform you if it’s time for a car battery replacement.

A new battery lifespan is generally from a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 3 years. The lifespan varies based on the usage of the battery.

A few of the common signs encountered are;

  • Car is hard to start
  • slow indicators and other electrical issues
  • Warning lights or low voltage on voltage indicator gauge
  • Corroded connectors, or terminals coated with excessive discharge
  • A distorted, swollen or leaking battery case
  • turns over slowly or not at all – especially if your starter motor clicks instead of starting your vehicle
  • Dim headlights
  • You are aware that your battery is older than 3 plus years and hasn’t been replaced
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Car Battery Replacement Cannon Hill

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